Do you have a waitlist?
Unfortunately, I have no waitlist. When my books are closed, please do not email me about booking an appointment. Once my books open (announced via Instagram), a form will be put up on my website where you can fill out a submission for a tattoo. I will read through all the submissions and priority will go to the projects that suit my style and those that I am interested in. Note that only applications that end up being chosen will be contacted. 

What if I didn't hear back when I submitted my form? Do I need to re-submit when your books re-open?
Yes, you'll need to re-submit. All previous requests will be deleted. I receive a lot of submissions, so if you're not chosen, please don't be discouraged, and keep trying!

What is your hourly rate?
Floral pieces are priced per piece. Minimum charge is $200.

Where are you located?
I am currently at a private studio in East Vancouver. Details will be emailed to you once we set up a consult or appointment.

What is the best way to book an appointment with you?
The only way to book an appointment is through this site in the "book an appointment" section. The form will be made live once it comes time to open them. 

How does the process of getting a tattoo from you work?
The first step is to fill out the form on this website following all the directions. If chosen, you will receive an email where we will discuss more in detail about your tattoo. If an in-person consult is needed, you will be notified.  A $50-$100 non-refundable deposit is needed to secure your spot.

What if I change my mind and don't want the tattoo anymore? Can I get my deposit back?
Sorry! All deposits are non-refundable. The deposits are there to cover the cost of time to draw your tattoo.

Will I be able to see my drawing before my tattoo date?
Unfortunately no :( I am super busy and to have to send out drawings to everyone will drive me crazy! Anddd... the most important thing when you're choosing an artist for your tattoo is to trust them! Make sure you go with someone you feel totally comfortable with!

Do you ever have flash designs available?
Yes! My instagram (@nessaaa_) will be the first place I post about flash designs, cancellations etc.

Do you do colour?
No, although I will never say never. Maybe once in a red moon.

Will you add on to my exisiting tattoo from someone else?
Sorry! I don't normally take these kind of projects.

How old do I have to be to get tattooed?
You must be 18 or over (and able to provide picture ID on the day of your tattoo). I will not be tattooing anyone under the age of 18 even if you have parental consent.

Any other restrictions?
I will not tattoo anyone who is pregnant or breast-feeding.

Do you take cash, credit or debit?
I am cash only at the moment.

Am I allowed to bring a friend with me to my tattoo appointment?
Yes! You're welcome to bring someone. However it is a small space, so try to bring only one person.

Should I arrive early to my appointment?
No! Please, please, please try to arrive on-time. I try to plan out my day so that I have a little bit of breathing time in between my appointments. Basically, I'd rather have you be 5-10 mins late rather than 15 mins early!